Start a capsule wardrobe

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Start a capsule wardrobe
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When you consciously go into the process of becoming a minimalist, then your wardrobe can’t stay behind. When you have fewer items of clothing, the choice is also easier with what you want to wear. This way you always wear your favorite items of clothing. Don’t you want that too? Read here how to start with your capsule wardrobe!

Step by Step

  • Go through the clothes you have
  • Decide what you want to keep and get rid off
  • Write out your own style
  • Make a list of what you have

Find out what you have

To find out what kind of clothing you actually have, you must have had all your clothing in your hand. So empty your entire cupboard and make sure you check everything. There will be a lot of clothes that you will want to keep. The clothing that is currently in your laundry basket will probably be the clothing that wears the most. All clothing that you often wear or that you would immediately put on again is allowed in the pile that you want to keep.

You will also get a pile of clothes that you are not so enthusiastic about. These are often items of clothing that you have got as a bad buy or that simply do not fit well. Sometimes you have clothes for which you have paid quite a lot, so that you can feel guilty for throwing them out without wearing them. All clothing that you are not sure about comes in a separate pile. Sometimes you just can’t say goodbye to a piece of clothing, you can just keep it.

Sometimes you have clothes that you know can go. It has been unworn in your cupboard for years, or the holes fall into it. It is usually clear which clothing can be removed anyway. The pile of everything that goes away, you later divide into what you could sell, what can go to the clothing bin or what really needs to be in the garbage bag.

Of course you also have clothing that is truly seasonal. For example, you may have a Christmas sweater in your closet that you only wear in the weeks before Christmas. Ski socks or summer dresses can also fall under this category. I also have clothes that I specifically wear at conferences, but that I don’t like to wear the rest of the time. This is clothing that you need too often to get rid of.

If you have selected all these clothes, then you have the categories: keep, doubt, throw out and seasonal. The first and the last categories can be stored immediately in the cupboard. You want to take another look at the second category. What do you really want to keep and what can you make others happy with? Agree with yourself that everything that goes back in your closet will have to wear. If it is still unworn in your cupboard after a certain amount of time, then you better throw it away.

Decide what to throw out and how

There are a couple of ways how you can throw out your clothes:

  • Organize a clothing exchange
  • Sell ​​your clothes online (United Wardrobe, Marketplace, Facebook groups)
  • Give it away to friends
  • Take it to a second hand shop
  • Put it in a clothes bin

Write out your own style

If you want to live with a capsule wardrobe, it is important that you know what your style is and whatkind of clothes you need. What are the requirements that you set for the content of your wardrobe. Are you very practical and is your outfit always the same with pants and a sweater or do you prefer to only wear dresses? What are the basic colors of your wardrobe. How sustainable should your clothing be.

Make a mood board with all kinds of outfits that you like. When you create a Pinterest board with all kinds of inspiration outfits, you can also come up with new ideas for combinations that can be made.

By thinking carefully about this, you actually lay the foundation of your wardrobe. You put together rules that your clothing must meet, so that you know what you want and what you don’t want to buy. Because of this you will be much more aware of what you are purchasing and will therefore do less mis-buying.

When putting together your ideal wardrobe, consider:

  • ecological
  • colors
  • material
  • budget
  • brands
  • new or used

Make a list of all items of clothing

You are in charge of your own capsule wardrobe. You can choose to have a certain number of items of clothing, but you don’t have to. Whether you choose to have a fixed number or not, make a list of items of clothing. It gives you so much insight about how many pieces of clothing you have and what you really need. You do not have to include your socks and underwear on this list.

By going through all these steps, you are much more aware of what clothing you wear and what you add to your wardrobe. Your chance of wrong purchases is also much smaller. When you have fewer items of clothing, you will also start combining faster and you will come to combinations that you would never find otherwise!

Are you gonna make your own capsule wardrobe?

How do you start a capsule wardrobe, what do you need to consider? #capsulewardrobe #minimalism #clothing
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