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How do i make money online? - Fearless Adventure

How do i make money online?

by | Mar 13, 2020 | Finances | 0 comments

Do you want to build your own online income? Here i explain how i make money online! Learn everything about affiliate marketing and advertisement.
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When i am traveling i always get a lot of questions on how i make money. Truth is i make all my money online these days. I used to focus on making money in the festival worls, but i knew i didnt want to exchange my time for money anymore. I started investing in an online income. Here i explain how i make money online!

Different Income Streams

I make money through the internet in various ways. Sometimes I earn a little extra pocket money by reading emails. This makes for a good basis of about a hundred euros every other month. In this article I will mainly discuss the money I earn through my Blog and Pinterest accounts. How do I actually do that?


Make money online through my Pinterest account
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I have 3 different Pinterest channels, so each channel has its own focus. Because the channels have their own niche, the content is also easier to find and the channels grow faster. There is a bit of overlap between the accounts, which means that the niche channels sometimes also make certain pins on the main channel run better.

Channel: Veerlez

I have my veerlez channel, which is connected to my dutch blog and has very wide topic. In the past I planned all my trips via Pinterest, but I also had an interest in Bullet Journals and Home Furnishing. Veerlez is therefore my diverse channel and my highest-earning channel. This channel also brings many visitors to this blog, which also indirectly provides money.

Channel: Fearless Adventure

Then I have 2 channels that focus more on a niche. I created Fearless Adventure to focus on traveling. That’s what I used to love Pinterest for. To plan trips and discover new destinations. Nowadays this Pinterest channel is connected to this website and promotes the blogposts and travel guides that i make. This channel does not make me a lot of money yet, occasionally a small merit because I link to my blog.

Channel: Geld verdienen met Pinterest

The last channel I have is Geld verdienen met Pinterest, what translates to Make money with Pinterest. This is my dutch niche channel. I started to learn more about Affiliate Marketing via Pinterest and realized that I could make real money with this. Back in 2018 I brought the domain and started this channel. Since then it has been bringing in money. It refers to the corresponding blog and I earn money from those visitors. But there are also a number of affiliate pins on this channel.


At this moment i have three blogs, like mentioned before. My dutch lifestyle blog Veerlez, my english travel blog Fearless Adventure and the dutch blog on making money on Pinterest Geld verdienen met Pinterest. All these blogs make money. Now i am gonna explain the different ways you can make money with your blog.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is about promoting products. When people buy a product through your link, you will get commision on that. You can use affiliate marketing in your blog but also on Pinterest. My blogs all contains affiliate links. In fact, sometimes i write artikels focussed on placing affiliate links in them, for example the article The 7 best Digital Nomad books is full of links and is performing very well.

My favorite Affiliate programs

  • Creative Market is my favorite program for selling digital products. On my pinterest account I link a lot to resume and instagram designs, WordPress themes and fonts.
  • Amazon is the way to go in America, in The Netherlands we use Bol.com.
  • Awin works best for me because I can link to Etsy , among other things. Etsy products are the easiest to sell. You may no longer do affiliate links on Pinterest from Etsy. Now you just have to make more links on your blog.


I started showing ads on my blogs this year. I am not quite sure whether I think this is a good addition or whether it distracts too much from the content. But for now it still brings a little pocket money in the drawer, which I think is important. I have ads on both blogs through Google Adsense.

Selling products

In 2019 i started selling products on Geld verdienen met Pinterest. I have made some online courses on how to make money online through Pinterest. Besides that i sell Canva templates for Pinterest and have i written a dutch e-book on Making Money on Pinterest.

There are a lot of ways to make money online. This is the way how i do it right now. The strategy changes all the time. How do you make money online?

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Do you want to build your own online income? Here i explain how i make money online! Learn everything about affiliate marketing and advertisement.
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