How did i become a nomad?

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How did i become a nomad?
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In the meantime, it is a fixed fact, I live like a nomad. Many people look at my life with admiration and wonder how this came about. That’s why it seemed time to tell my story. How did I become a nomad? What did i need to go to become a nomad and how does it effect my life?

I would like to tell you the story of how I became a nomad.

To tell that story I have to take you back to 2012. I have to start there, because everyone who knew me back then, would be totally amazed by the fact that i am a nomad. Why?

I hated to travel

In 2012 we were traveling with the whole family, in honor of my parents’ 30-year marriage. We were in America for 4 weeks and traveled from Denver to San Francisco. During that trip we saw very cool things, such as the Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce and Las Vegas.

It was a fantastic trip and yet I cursed that trip.

I hated traveling at the time.

Yes, you read that right, Me, who prefers to always travel, hated traveling.

There were a lot of things that I found very difficult at the time, I was afraid of new locations, situations and hardly wanted to speak English. I was quickly overwhelmed by everything that was happening.

Imagine that you have to drive a big car (when you are afraid of driving anything else than your own car!), it is 40 degrees in Nevada (hello summer, hello high season) and in Las Vegas everything is about getting your attention (hello, overwhelmed within a minute!).

I was so tired, the whole trip I was so tired and a bit scared of everything. After a month I was very happy to head back home again.

The Beginning

In 2015 I started to get to grips with traveling. I went to Valencia on my own. There I learned that I loved making my own decisions. Only staying in a hotel made me feel lonely, from there on, I decided to choose a hostel for the next trip.

In 2015 I also went to visit a number of (girl)friends who lived abroad. In the fall, a super cool trip to Iceland with my best friend, was also planned. Eventhough i was pretty sick back than (sinus infection for 6 months, i couldn’t eat!)

In 2016 we went on holiday to Portugal and after that I decided to go to Iceland for a couple of days.

Nevertheless, I would like to state that I did not catch the travel virus until 2017. Before that I went on vacation more or did short trips.

In 2017 I read the story of Angelica and her trip to Bulgaria in the newsletter from Marlou. Although I had seen Angelica’s photos before, something clicked when reading the letter. I HAD TO THERE!

I booked my tickets that same day and 2 months later I was in Sofia. My schedule was set out from the start and that made it feel a bit too full. When I was in Veliko Tarnovo, I decided there and then that I would be back in October.

5 months later I got on the plane to Bulgaria again. A journey in which nothing was certain and I based my decisions on the stories of others. It was a wonderful 3 and a half weeks.

The desire

I knew that that period was too short and started dreaming about traveling without an end date. What stopped me was the rent for my apartment and my cat.

In 2017 I was on the road a lot and I could say that I was already figuring out what it would be like to live from my bag.

Me and all the stuff i carry around
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It also went well with speaking English. In the meantime I started to work for the Amsterdam Fringe Festival, where the communication with the volunteers is in English. The fact that I had a romance with a Flemish boy, who I didn’t understand in Dutch, also contributed enormously to my English development.

The moment of choice

At the beginning of 2018, I had an operation, so I kept postponing the choice to cancel my house. When I was in Slovenia in October 2018, I was sure that I was going to live as a nomad, the only question was when.

As with a lot of choices, it works best for me to say it out loud. I had known for a while that I was going to cancel my house, I just had to decide when it would be. Because I told people that I was going to do this, the date also came closer.

In the beginning of 2019 I decided, my life is going to change.

  • I’m going to cancel my house.
  • I guarantee that I will do every festival at least once more, after that I am not sure yet.
  • In the summer I’m going to work in Slovenia (that’s another story in itself)

Places to sleep

I have been very lucky to have a fantastic family who always support me in the crazy choices I make. My parents who always have a place for me to sleep and store my things. My uncle who has given me his own room in his house and where I am always welcome.

In addition, I know quite a few people who have pets and sometimes want to go on holiday. That means they have a babysitter for their animals and there is a place to sleep for me. Win-Win situation, if I say so myself.

There are even a lot of people, that I don’t know, who know how to find me and ask me to look after their pets. I love it.

Why do i enjoy it?

It gives me a lot of freedom. I am not tied to one place where I have to be all year. Every place has its own charm, every house has its own decoration and pet its own character. I love the options that it is giving me.

Is the nomadic lifestyle for everyone?

No, I do not think so. You must be able to sometimes not know where you are going. It is a choice to drag along your entire possessions. Still, I think it can bring something to everyone. A consciousness about the number of things you have, a freedom to do what you want. That freedom is also possible in your daily life, but applying it is what many people find difficult. I hope to be able to inspire people with my lifestyle.

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How did i become a nomad
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