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Gran Canaria - Fearless Adventure

How to get on Gran Canaria

At the moment, the beginning of 2020, not many airlines fly from the Netherlands to Gran Canaria. The only thing I’m sure about is TransaviaRyanair recently stopped flying to LPA. From other countries than the Netherlands, you should be able to fly to Gran Canaria pretty easy.

If you cannot find a cheap flight, you might want to fly via Tenerife or Fuerteventura. Or try to go through Malaga, Madrid or Barcelona.



What is the best time to go to Gran Canaria?

The great thing about Gran Canaria is that the weather is always nice. In January and February it is slightly colder than the rest of the year, then it is usually around 18/19 degrees.

When the weather is bad in Las Palmas or in the mountains, it is usually nice weather in Maspalomas. It is always warmer in the south of the island.

Public Transport

There are two forms of public transportation. GuaGuas Bus performs them both, but they are different. You have blue buses for the long distances and yellow buses for in Las Palmas.

You can find the bus schedule  here



Best beaches

There are fantastic beaches all over the island. There are a couple of easily accessible beaches and a few wild beaches.

Easy beaches

  • Las Palmas: LasCanteras
  • Las Palmas: El Confital
  • Las Palmas: Playa de las Alcaravaneras
  • Maspalomas: Playa del Inglés
  • Maspalomas: Playa de Maspalomas

Wild beaches

  • Playa Faneque
  • Playa Guayedra
  • Playa el Risco
  • Playa GuiGui
  • Playa Tasarte
  • Playa Veneguera
  • Playa de las Mujeres
  • Playa de Vargas
  • Playa la Laja





GuiGui beach is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in Gran Canaria. It is a pretty remote beach and you have to walk 2.5 hours to get to the spot. People often underestimate going to this beach. When you want to visit the beach, make sure you have good shoes and are sure to bring enough food and drinks. I would recommend taking at least 2 liters of water per person.

When it is low tide, you can even walk to the second beach, because it is even more beautiful than the first, most famous beach


Maresia Canteras Urban Hotel

This hotel is located on Las Canteras beach, making it ideally located. The rooms are nicely cared for and the staff is fantastic. As if that wasn’t enough, they also have perfect WiFi and a roof terrace. This hotel is one of my favorites on this island and I have slept there several times.

The manager is fantastic and has repeatedly offered to take me away when I want to go to an impossible accessible village.

Hostel Finca la Isa

This is the hostel where i am working at as a volunteer. The hostel is located in the mountains and is therefore slightly more difficult to reach than the hostels in the city, but what you get in return is fantastic. In addition to the view and the fantastic people, we offer a hot meal every night for 9 euros. It is included is included and the jacuzzi is always on. An ideal place if you like hiking or just want to relax.

Hostel: Tropical House

The Tropical House hostel is unique in its kind, since you have a double bed as standard here. It is a large and social hostel, with a gigantic kitchen with a good system for storing your food, a living room and roof terrace is bizarre in size. There is even a market where you can shop for free clothing. The only drawback is that the hostel is difficult to find because there is no sign on the door. It is practically next to San Telmo, making it easy to go anywhere from there.

Did I mention that the hostel is for murals, they have a garden and a meditation / film room? Go there!

Hostel Columbus Rooftop 

I actually have a bit of a hate/love affair with this hostel. It is a nice and clean hostel, located in the old center and has fantastic internet. The staff is nice and the beds sleep fantastic! But sometimes I don’t feel completely at home there. Although every evening there has been fun. They have a lovely roof terrace where the bar is also open in the evenings! They organize fun events every week and also have a bike rental.

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