7 Tips to become a Minimalist

by | Dec 26, 2019 | Minimalism | 0 comments

7 Tips to become a Minimalist
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The new year is almost here. People are forming their good intentions, are you? Chances are high that you want to get tidier and look into the minimalist lifestyle. Lost of people are reading up on this topic. That’s why i decided to write something on how to become a Minimalist.

The new year is a perfect moment to get rid of all the junk of the previous years. When your house is cluttered of all the stuff you own, that can bring extra stress in busy times. Have you feel stressed during the Christmas period?

Take a look around in your house, appartment, room. When you look around, do you feel at easer? Or are you stressed of all the things you see and have to do?

If the answer is yes, start decluttering today! When you have less things in your life, you have less to worry about!

Here are some guidelines to get you started!

My tips

  • Give your stuff a permanent place. Because of this you are more inclined to put things back and you stay tidier.
  • If it takes less than 2 minutes to execute, do it immediately. In this way, your dishes will not bulge or your desk will be in chaos. If you continue to postpone such a small task, you will only make it bigger and feel more stressed.
  • Make a capsule wardrobe. No more hours in front of the mirror because you don’t know what you want to wear. With a capsule wardrobe you know exactly which clothes you have in the wardrobe and they all spark your joy. You only buy new clothing when you need it, so you are also doing well! You can read my article on how to make your own capsule wardrobe here.
  • When you have read a book, pass it on. Chances are that you will not read it again in the short term. It has already fulfilled its purpose for you, so now you can make someone else happy. Sell ​​it on, give it to friends, take it to the recycling center or put it in an exchange cabinet.
  • How many things do you have because it could come in handy someday? Make a list of all those things. By making a list, you have these things on your radar and you can start thinking about who could make you happy with them. For example, I moved a sewing machine for 11 years, which was borrowed more often in those 11 years than I used. So it was time to pass on this sewing machine. Finally, I can easily borrow a sewing machine if I ever need it.
  • Make a stuff list. I have also included this in my 34 things list, the yearly list a make of stuff i want to di in a year. Making this list provides insight into how much stuff you actually have and what is perhaps unnecessary.
  • Consider for everything you buy, what you throw away instead. This way you will not get any more stuff!

Are you thinking about becoming a minimalist? Do you have tips on how to become one? What did work for you? I would love to hear from you!


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